Ratepayer voices still need to be heard.

Ratepayer voices still need to be heard.

by | Dec 10, 2020

Since April 2018, I have been a member of the Shakopee Public Utilities Commission (SPUC). During my tenure at SPUC, I have been proud to be part of the skilled, professional, and experienced men and women who serve Shakopee’s utilities users.

Also, since September 2020, I have been a proud member of the Friends of SPUC Committee, a community organization dedicated to protecting Shakopee’s utilities ratepayers by preventing the Shakopee City Council’s attempted takeover of the utilities through a since-defeated city referendum in November 2020.

Although we – the Friends of SPUC and Shakopee’s citizens – were successful in preventing the City from dissolving the independence of Shakopee Public Utilities by defeating the referendum on the City’s ballot in November 2020, there is still a need for the voice of citizens interested in the independence of our utilities to be heard.

Shakopee Public Utilities employees deserve to be recognized and paid for their continued work on behalf of our ratepayers. Furthermore, the assault upon SPU’s independence and employees’ security continues since the City is able to again put the referendum on a ballot to dissolve the SPU and put our utilities on the auction block.


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