Negotiation and Mediation


Pre-Litigation Investigation/Resolution

Many lawsuits can be easily avoided with the proper initial response. Whether it is a short phone call with your attorney or a prompt investigation to determine the factual basis for the claim, the business’ initial response will often dictate whether you resolve the issue early or become engaged in protracted and expensive litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) involves mediation, arbitration, or other expedited means of resolving disputes. It can be contractually binding, ordered by the court, or voluntarily agreed to among the parties. Your attorney can help you understand your alternatives and what strategy may be right for your situation.


The first principle in negotiating is to understand the client’s interests and goals. Only then can an attorney competently advise his client as to the costs and benefits of the available options. Your attorney can help you decide whether to settle the claims or to vigorously pursue litigation to protect your business’ interests.


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