Business Litigation


Breach of Contract/Warranty Claims

Depending on the industry and the size of your business, you may enter into thousands of contracts weekly, if not daily. Whether they are agreements with customers for goods or services or agreements with vendors, suppliers, landlords or others – you need to be aware of the complex web of contractual relationships they create. Experienced and knowledgeable counsel is critical to understanding your rights and obligations under those contracts.

Business Torts

Your competitors, former employees (or employer), or others may not conduct their business with the same honesty and integrity that you do. Fortunately, the law protects those who play by the rules. If you believe your business has suffered from unfair competition, theft of trade secrets or intellectual property, or is the victim of wrongful interference, consult an attorney as soon as possible to determine your rights.


When you need help managing and protecting your contractual relationships or you believe your business has been the victim of misconduct, contact Meyer Law Office. We will help you determine a strategy that will position your business for the best results.