Mathew Meyer, Civil Litigation Attorney
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An Experienced and Affordable Attorney

As a civil litigation attorney with 20 years of experience, I understand the frustration and anxiety you face when confronted with litigation or potential litigation. Whether you’re threatened with civil litigation as an individual, or your business faces claims arising out its business practices and relationships, civil litigation can threaten your wealth and livelihood. I am here to advise and guide you through the litigation process and the court system to maintain and preserve your property, your business … and your sanity.


When someone threatens to “take you to court,” you’d like to believe it’s a hollow threat – that tempers will abate, reason will be restored, and you’ll get it resolved without involving civil litigation attorneys. But there are more than thirty thousand major civil litigation cases opened every year in Minnesota state courts alone. Obviously, many disputes simply can’t be resolved short of involving civil litigation attorneys.



Helping Businesses Resolve Disputes

For twenty years I have helped small- and medium-sized businesses and business owners resolve disputes through mediation and the various steps in civil litigation. From simple breach of contract and warranty claims involving customers and vendors, to complex litigation involving trademark/trade dress infringement and intellectual property claims, I have protected my clients from frivolous and unwarranted lawsuits.


I have also assisted small business owners in both defending against and pursuing claims, from corporate governance issues, such as minority shareholder claims, to enforcing employee obligations, such as non-competition and non-solicitation agreements – all with the end goal of preserving and furthering their business interests.



Helping Servicemembers With Employment Issues

As a Marine Veteran, I am also proud to serve those who have served us. I advocate for veterans’ issues, whether testifying before the state legislature on military and veterans issues, or assisting servicemembers and their civilian employers by serving as a Volunteer Ombudsman with the Department of Defense Employer Support of Guard and Reserve. I remain always faithful to those who have served us, and continue to serve our country.

Mathew Meyer

20 years of experience:
Civil litigation, mediation, negotiation, appeals, and more

Affordable representation:
Large-firm experience without the large price tag

Clear communications:
Correspondence and legal briefs you can actually understand

Licensed in three states:
South Dakota

Veterans’ advocate:
Volunteer Ombudsman for U.S. Dept. of Defense ESGR